Help Save Casa Magazines from Closing

by Eddie Roche

Casa Magazines in the West Village is a much loved spot for most of us working in fashion who love print and now they’re seeking your help. The magazine store is in desperate need of financial help in order to keep their doors open and has created a GoFundMe fundraiser with a $20,000 goal. The store’s longtime owner Mohammed Ahmed, who was dubbed The Last King of Print by The New York Times, created the fundraiser and wrote about why they need help from their loyal customers.

Ahmed’s plea:

Sales have already been declining even before the pandemic hit. The store was able to get an exception during the official shutdown of non-essential businesses but the team has decided to temporarily close for their safety, for their families & the community’s safety. Mohammed himself is a high-risk individual, and both Ali and Umais go home to a household that include high-risk loved ones as well. 

Incoming stocks of magazine/newspaper deliveries have also been disrupted. Taking it day by day, CASA MAGAZINES has only been able to open sporadically to also process time sensitive work.

It’s been more than a month now since the shutdown and it looks like we will be impacted for a few more months. Your critical support at this important time is much needed.

We miss you all and hope to see you again very soon.


They’ve raised almost $10,000 as of this writing.  You can check out their GoFundMe HERE. Most of you reading this will probably recognize a few names who have already donated.

Casa’s neighbor, La Bonbonniere, the beloved age-old coffee shop on 8th Avenue, created a GoFundMe page in March, which has raised nearly $50,000 to keep their doors open during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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