Good News Files: Part 2 Nadine Leopold, Garrett Swann, Isabeli Fontana and More!

by Eddie Roche

We don’t have to tell you that the past few months have been tough on us all, so we’ve been asking friends of THE DAILY SUMMER to send some good news our way. Here’s part 2 of 3. 

Laura Kim, creative director Monse and Oscar de la Renta 
“I’ve been spending a lot of my time baking and cooking, which I’ve loved! This is a cake I baked for our design director Chad’s birthday last week. It’s a pear almond cake with rum whipping cream. I’ve become a much better baker during quarantine with all the birthdays.… There’s been a birthday every week!”

Laura Kim, Co-Creative Director,
Oscar De La Renta and Monse

Garrett Swann
“Bennett [Chin] and I are eloping! We’re getting married this month.” (UPDATE! Garrett and Bennett married over the weekend. Congrats!)

Garrett Swann, Influencer

Isabeli Fontana, model
“During the quarantine, I received an online gift from Matheus Yashi, a Brazilian web designer, who developed an Instagram filter inspired by me. I’m so in love with it that I sent it to all my friends to try it. I never thought of becoming a filter on Instagram. I’m so obsessed. Come on and try me!”

Isabeli Fontana, Model

Josh Knight and Willow Hand, models
“We both felt we needed to get our minds off all the uncertainty and effects on the economy COVID-19 was causing, so with this gift of time off work, we took advantage of low interests rates and bought our first home. With time on our side, we purchased a bit of a fixer-upper that we have been renovating ourselves and doing before and after videos and pictures on our YouTube channel (Jolo Vlogs) and Instagrams (@joshknightlee and @willow.hand). We believe that even with all the uncertainty we all can still work hard to move toward our goals in life. More than ever the world needs positive energy, because we’re all in this together and we all can do more than we think we can.”

Josh Knight and Willow Hand, Models

Peter Som, designer 
“I’m realizing more clearly that my love of cooking is not just the act of putting food on a plate, but about bringing people, ideas, and cultures together.”

Peter Som

Jordan Emanuel, model 
“I was able to spend some quality time with my dad.”

Jordan Emanuel, Model

Nadine Leopold, model 
“I got a puppy! I love having a new little companion in my life.”

Nadine Leopold, Model

David Florentin, model 
“Over the past three months, I became a lawn specialist. I had to refresh my yard in Sag Harbor, because I had some dry and brown spots on the lawn. I researched online how to fix it, and I found a few recommendations for grass regrowth and how to maintain it. I needed to learn about what particular grass seeds to use for my lawn. But first, I needed to use a lawn scarifier, or a dethatcher, to cut through the soil. After I had spent hours hand-raking, this machine was a game changer. On top of that, I bought an electric tiller, which turns the soil and prepares it for planting. After many days of hard work, I’m so happy with the result. The lawn came back to life, and my yard has never looked better. What a great experience! Now I’m thinking of buying an exotic car for the summer…I mean a riding mower.”

David Florentin, Model

Frederico Azevedo, Founder Unlimited Earthcare
“The best thing to happen to my family during the quarantine was my daughter, Livia, who lives in L.A., got a puppy named Gus. Sharing pictures and videos of how quickly Gus is growing has brought us all together. He’s adorable! He’s become quite the little star amongst all our family and friends, and the face of Unlimited Earth Care 2020. Livia has really committed herself to training him and caring for him while she continues to work from home as an associate project manager at an engineering firm.”

Frederico Azevedo, Founder, Unlimited Earth Care, Author

Joy Corrigan, model 
“My sister Gina got a puppy named Ror, so now I’m an auntie! I’ve also started a garden and learned how to grow my own tomatoes!”

Joy Corrigan,Model

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