What’s Gloria Steinem’s Michael Kors Connection?

by Sydney Sadick

Activist, author, and feminist icon Gloria Steinem made her CFDA Awards debut last night and showed off her personal style in a number by Michael Kors. We learned that Steinem has a long history with the designer, thanks to the team at The Today Show. Gloria explains… 

Gloria, this is your first time at the CFDA Awards. What’s your impression so far?
I’ve never been to the Oscars, but it feels like this must be rivaling the Oscars right now!

Who are you wearing tonight?
Michael Kors. We had a fitting before, but we’ve known each other from the past. Back when I was reporting on The Today Show, the producers were alarmed by my wardrobe, and they sent me to Michael Kors.

You have a long history then!
We do. He’s great! He makes things that are elegant and comfortable and durable. I have so many of his pieces from long ago. And he’s such a nice guy.

You inspire so many women with your work. What’s it like to come out for a night and celebrate fashion’s talents?
It interests me because not only do we all wear clothes, but looking at original cultures, they all decorated their bodies. Human beings have always done that. It’s just part of humanity.

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