From The Daily Summer: Where Are They Now? Lizzie Grubman

by Eddie Roche

As summer winds down, we thought we’d take a brief moment to check in on some of your favorite interviewees from years past.

Lizzie Grubman
Last mention: 2011

What have you been up to since 2011?
It seems like forever! I’m really happy. My son Harry is going to be 9 in December, and Jack is going to be six and a half. They’re like little men now. I couldn’t be happier.
You grew up in the Hamptons—what keeps you coming back?
It’s my home away from home. As much as I love to hate, in a way, I love the off season and coming out here when it’s quiet. August is crazy for me.
I feel like an Uber driver, driving my kids back and forth. You can’t say no to two beautiful faces.
What’s new with your business?
We’ve expanded in different areas. We still do PR, which is doing better than ever. You can’t look away from your roots, and I do very well in damage control PR. People hire us when they have a situation. We also do management and now TV development. Clients come to us with ideas for shows. We’ve expanded our music department and, keeping up with the times, we now have a full-blown social media department.
Would you ever do a reality show again?
Never! I’d produce one. I’d like to possibly be on a panel of a talk show.
Lizzie Grubman on The View?
Something of that sort. I might be too nice, though.
Are you happier now than when we last chatted?
There’s nothing better than seeing your kids grow up. I’m at the happiest point I’ve ever been.

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