Fendi Appropriates Fila’s Iconic Logo for Fall 2018

by Charles Manning

Fendi’s logo is one of the most iconic in all of fashion. Those interlocking Fs? Forget about it! They’re almost more famous than the brand itself. But even classics can benefit from a refresher every once in a while.

For fall 2018, Fendi collaborated with artist Hey Reilly on a collection of clothing and accessories featuring the brand’s logo reimagined through the lens of Italian Sportswear brand Fila — adopting the Fila’s typography and famous two-tone “F.”

“I’m beyond flattered,” Hey Reilly wrote today in an Instagram post about the collaboration. “I’m stunned, I’m utterly delighted, I’m… I’m … just so happy that some of my work – that was made in the spirit of fun for lols likes and sharing – should end up in the real world being seen by Karl Lagerfeld let alone made part of the @fendi collection.”

Fila, for their part, also seems to be pretty stoked about the whole thing, dubbing the collection “Fendi X Fila” on social media.

What’s not clear at the moment is the point at which Fila was actually looped into this whole thing. Fendi has made no explicit mention of Fila in any of their social media posts since the show and the only pictures Fila has shared so far are the same runway photos everyone else has. How ironic would it be if Fendi, a brand that has probably spent millions of dollars over the years fighting to protect their own trademark, just straight-up ripped Fila’s logo for their own use? I mean!

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