Feast Your Eyes On This ‘Once In A Lifetime’ Hamptons Home—It Could Be Yours!

by Freya Drohan

When power brokers Kyle Rosko and Marcy Braun of the Eklund Gomes team at Douglas Elliman talk about 51 West End Road, their breathtaking listing on East Hampton’s most desirable private street, it’s impossible for their faces not to light up. The five-bedroom, five-bathroom home and its surrounding land, ocean frontage, and private stretch of Georgica Beach, isn’t just exclusive, it’s incredibly rare and historically significant. We took a break from swooning over pictures of it to call them and hear more about the picture-perfect property.

Do you remember your feelings the first time you saw this property?
Kyle Rosko: Approaching this property for the first time was an incredible experience I will never forget. The colors and landscape, coupled with the gentle rumble of the ocean, rush over you in a magical way. All of that is a lead up to stepping inside the house, where you have views out to the ocean or Georgica Pond from almost every window. In the generous backyard with its pool and pathway to the ocean with breaking waves, I remember saying to myself, “This is as good as it gets.”

When did this property first come on your radar?
Rosko: I remember this property as a child surfing in front of it and looking back over the ocean at it, always dreaming to see what it looked like inside. As fate would have it, later on in life I ended up becoming friends with the owners and I was invited to lunch on the property some 20 years later.

Access to the stunning beauty of both the Atlantic Ocean
and Georgica Pond is a major selling point

Can you tell us a little history? How long has the current family lived there?
Rosko: The family has lovingly restored and reimagined the property since 1992. They purchased the home when it was in quite bad shape and had the vision to make it an incredible estate.

Exactly how rare is it for a property like this to come on the market?
Rosko: Homes of this caliber are scarce, and they come to market infrequently. These properties are so sought after, due to the fact that they have both privacy and vistas of the ocean and Georgica Pond that are incomparable. We label this as a “once in a lifetime oceanfront [property]” for that very reason.

What does it mean to you, both personally and professionally, to be selling it?
Rosko: To be selected and trusted to represent a property of this distinction is both an honor and a privilege. It’s a true milestone in my career to present one of the most incredible properties and prestigious addresses in the world.

What would you say are the most unique things about the home?
Marcy Braun: It’s one of only two homes in this waterfront location that offers an  expansive yard, lawn, and pool on the ocean side. It’s an extremely rare opportunity to experience unobstructed views over both the Atlantic Ocean and Georgica Pond, and to see the sunrise and sunset over the water to begin and complete your day. Another notable feature would be the extraordinary full gardens. Ed Hollander, who was responsible for the original landscaping, set the groundwork for the current owner to expand and grow the gardens to encompass a wide range of rare flora and fauna. Using her botanical expertise, she has compiled quite the assortment of specimens.

What has the interest been like so far?
Rosko: Interest has been strong, as there was an off-market trade at $85 million three doors down a few months prior to listing. Prior to that, few properties have changed hands on the ocean on West End Road. It’s quite impressive the amount of traffic I see looking at $50 million-plus properties currently!

What makes West End Road such an exclusive and desirable address?
Rosko: The privacy of a private one-way road and the elevation of the dune allow a unique perspective and light coming off the ocean and Georgica Pond alike. Additionally, it has a rich history of notable residents on the street who appreciate this unique location.
Braun: There’s also a limited number of homes, which contributes to the allure of this esteemed address.

What do you know about Roger Bullard, the architect who built the home?
Rosko: Roger Bullard was also notably the architect for the clubhouse at the Maidstone golf course in East Hampton.

Kyle Rosko and Marcy Braun (Courtesy)

What else is new with you this season?
Braun: We have another fresh oceanfront property hitting the market at 2056 Montauk Highway in Amagansett. It’s an outstanding Joe Farrell–built estate bordering the reserve. Priced at $25 million, it’s one of the most significant oceanfront offerings at that level. Most importantly, we are excited to be operating our first summer season in our new role leading the Eklund Gomes team in the Hamptons. We’re incredibly grateful to have been chosen to align with Fredrik Eklund, John Gomes, and Julia Spillman to extend the No. 1 team in the country into the Hamptons market. We have so much to look forward to celebrating the future of the team!

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