Fashion’s Front Row Weighs in on Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

by Charles Manning

The world was agog over the weekend when news broke that Brad Pitt attended Jennifer Aniston’s 50th birthday party. So what did the fashion set have to say about the reunion of the early 2000s’ favorite celebrity power couple?

1. Lindsay Ellingson
I think that’s really nice to be friends with your ex. That never happened for me, but I’m happy for them!

2. Karolina Kurkova
If they’re friends, good for her! As long as they’re happy! I don’t get involved.

3. Glenda Bailey
Good for him. He knows a good thing. Life’s too short. You should just enjoy the relationships and be happy and positive for people in their celebrations.

4. Elaine Welteroth
Are we still talking about Jen and Brad? Oh my God — who cares? [laughs]

5. Ken Downing
Happy Birthday, Jennifer Aniston! I love that! Were they not the cutest couple! They sure would look as great today together as they did then.

6. George Wayne
[Brad] should have been there! Everybody else was!

7. Selby Drummond
She seems to be living her best life. I’m very happy for her. Brad Pitt came? I wish I had some thoughts on this. Was he invited? Oh, great. I come from a very blended family, so I’m all for everyone being friends. Life is too short.

8. Wes Gordon
Why not? Water under the bridge. Do it! Whatever!

9. Danielle Bernstein
It’s cool that they can be friends. I hope I could be friends with all my exes!

10. Nina Agdal
It’s cute! I’m friends with most of my exes, except for a couple. You could probably guess!

11. Devon Windsor
She’s so beautiful — she has looked the same since she was 18 years old. Brad went? No way! I was so young when that was actually happening, but they were both so hot. He’s not so bad-looking himself…

12. Cameron Silver
Turning 50 isn’t the end of the world—it’s the beginning of a new one. I’ll have what she’s had! How nice that she and Brad reconnected when she’s jumping into a new stage.

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