Cutting-Edge Prints at Epson’s 4th Annual Digital Couture Fashion Event

by Charles Manning

On February 6, Epson hosted their fourth annual digital couture fashion event in New York, showcasing the work of 13 talented designers from across the Americas.  The event kicked off with a panel discussion on textile printing and fashion technology moderated by Wall Street Journal Magazine VP Anthony Cenname, followed by a group fashion show and cocktail party.

Panelists Anna Fusoni, Aliza Licht, Ryan Korban, Mark A. Sunderland speaking on Epson’s F/W 18 Digital Couture Panel (Getty Images)

The theme of the show was ‘Cosmopolitan Couture with Impossible Colors: How Does Your Culture Dress-Up?’ and designers were given access to Epson’s cutting-edge dye-sublimation printers to help them bring their creations to life.

When they approached me and asked me to do this I was a little bit nervous actually because I’d never made my own prints,” said designer Candice Cuoco. “I’m an old school creative. I like to do everything by hand. It was interesting though, because the dye-sublimation process that Epson uses, not only is the quality there, but you get it really quick, whether you are ordering 10 yards or 10,000 yards.”

Candice Cuoco (left) with three models wearing her designs at Epson’s fourth annual digital couture fashion event (Getty Images)

“We’re obsessed with geometry. That’s how we design” said threeASFOUR designer Gabriel Asfour, who, along with his design partners Angela Donhauser and Adi Gil, created prints based on the work of photographer Linden Gledhill.

“We discovered his work online,” said Gil. “It is based on sound waves. We were fascinated by his photography and asked him if we could use his pictures… It’s great because we actually just met him tonight. We found his work by chance and we collaborated without ever meeting.”

Models wearing threeASFOUR at Epson’s fourth annual digital couture fashion event.

But Epson’s textile printing prowess isn’t limited to clothing. “Now we’re focusing on high-end home design and furnishings,” said Alejandro Ordoñez, Epson’s visual marketing and communications manager. “A lot of designers have home collections now and we are experimenting with pigment inks and new processes that are perfect for linens and upholstery fabrics… There is so much you can do.”

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