Emma Stone Admits Love of Humidity To Interview

by Eddie Roche


Among the many nuggets in the latest issue of Interview, Emma Stone gets the Q&A treatment by Diane Keaton who shares a fascinating love of humidity during their chat. “See, I struggle with the desert,” covergal Stone says. “Having grown up in Arizona, I struggle with the dryness. I love the heat but I don’t like the dryness. And I’ve only recently realized that I love the heat. Because at the time I thought heat and dryness went hand-in-hand. And now humidity and heat, oh God, I love it.” Everybody following? Keaton puts her Diane Sawyer hat on and presses further, getting the 26-year-old to admit she loves East Coast summer. “Oh, I love it because you feel alive. You don’t feel like you’re being baked alive. You’re sweating and your hair looks terrible and you’re just…Like in New Orleans, it’s a sexy heat. Whereas in Arizona it’s heat with a murderous intent.” There we have it.

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