Editor’s Pick: Private Doctor’s Minus Serum

by Charles Manning

What: An anti-aging skin serum from South Korea in a fab metallic pink bottle straight out of a Gem and the Holograms music video.

Who: ID Hospital, which makes Private Doctor, is one of South Korea’s Leading dermatology clinics. Founded by Dr. Sang Hoon Park, ID Hospital is famous in Asia for their in-office anti-aging treatments.

Why: All that hard holiday living left your skin a little more saggy, wrinkled, and dull then you’d like to admit, but it’s cool. New year new you and new skin to go along with it. Here’s how it works: the serum’s micro-tingling spicules penetrate the skin and carry the active ingredients in the formula as deep as a topical treatment can possibly go. Sodium Deoxycholate, adapted from ID Hospital’s in-office slimming procedures, helps define skin over time, while Lactobacillus ferment helps the formula absorb into skin and promotes natural skin cell turnover. The spicules remain active in the skin for up to 72 hours and are then removed with dead skin cells, revealing new, more youthful and radiant skin.

Where: Sephora

How (much): $49 for 40 oz

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