Dr. Barbara Sturm On Her Latest Spa and Boutique Locations In Miami and London

by Eddie Roche

Fashion’s go-to skincare expert Dr. Barbara Sturm is growing her empire. She recently opened up her first Miami-based boutique and spa in the heart of the Design District and on Mayfair’s iconic Mount Street in London. Sturm tells The Daily about her new locations, how she ended up collaborating with Naked Cashmere, and the Super-Anti-Aging Face Cream you need to know about. 

Congrats on another opening! What’s unique about the Miami location?
It’s one-of-a-kind and such an architecturally significant area. The Spa itself is at the center of the iconic Buckminster Fuller’s Fly’s Eye Dome installation and is in good company, surrounded by some of my favorite stores, galleries and museums. I’m most excited for my customers and clients to have the opportunity to interact with my products in person and ask all of their skincare questions to my expert aestheticians face-to-face  and  to be able to experience our treatments again. The pandemic has reminded me that life really comes down to our human connections and I’m excited to get back to that. I’m happy to have a physical space in Miami where this will be possible.

Is there anything new on the spa menu?
We’ll be offering my Professional Line, which is a new, medically advanced skincare collection only offered in-spa after personal consultation. We are also offering Infrared Therapy, a non-invasive treatment which helps diminish the appearance of age spots, fine lines and wrinkles and boosts skin elasticity. It also helps to enhance mood, cognitive function and energy levels. I swear by it. And my Summer Facial, which is also available in LA, will be on offer at my Miami Spa too.

You also opened a London location recently. 
The flagship London Boutique & Spa is located on Mayfair’s iconic Mount Street and set over two floors. It is designed in collaboration with architect and my brother, Tobias Freytag, who also designed my LA, Dusseldorf and Miami spa locations. With each new location, we hope to reflect the lifestyle of our customer and the culture that surrounds the store. The Boutique & Spa design features minimalist, modern architectural elements, including a curved, mirrored wall, a sleek, white seating area, the original pave flooring, and a new ‘Discovery Table’ made from Italian green onyx.

Dr. Barbara Sturm

Dr. Barbara Sturm (Courtesy)

Your Naked Cashmere collection is coming out. How did that come together? You don’t hear about a lot of skincare/fashion collabs.
Leslie Gifford, the founder behind Naked Cashmere is a dear friend and I have been a longtime supporter of the brand. NAKEDCASHMERE produces the finest quality and environmentally conscious cashmere in the world and we share a commitment to sustainability, simplicity and high quality. More importantly, our partnership also reinforces the importance of comfort, simplicity and self-care – which is especially relevant during these difficult times – with a clothing collection that’s chic, comfortable and cosy, and skincare products that help nourish, balance and soothe intimate skin.

Even with the lift in America on masks, we’re still going to need them for certain occasions such as traveling. What’s special about your masks?
I created the Sturm Nano-Silver Mask after my clients asked how to look after their skin both during and after wearing a face covering. It’s a reusable, anti-microbial face mask made with a triple-layer fabric (as recommended by the World Health Organization) that’s gentle to the skin, lightweight and comfortable to wear. It’s important to remember to keep it clean. My Nano-Silver Mask can be machine washed at 30 degrees.

What else is new in the world of Dr. Sturm? We’ve been hearing incredible things about the Super Anti-Aging face cream.
The Super-Anti-Aging Face Cream targets all of the visible signs of aging and delivers both immediate and long-term results to the skin. It uses a unique biomimetic formulation that strengthens the skin’s properties and potent anti-aging ingredients that support the skin’s age diminishing physiological mechanism. I also just launched my V COLLECTION a line specifically tailored to the skin needs of a woman’s intimate area and I have plenty more exciting launches on the horizon, so stay tuned!

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