Designers and Celebs Weigh In: What’s Your Biggest Instagram Pet Peeve?

by Sydney Sadick

Wondering what your favorite celebrities, designers, athletes, models, and personalities say their biggest Instagram pet peeves are?  We got Ciara, LaLa Anthony, Courtney Love and others to weigh in on the pressing social media question. 

“Those spammers! Like stop putting those things on my page! I don’t want to buy whatever that is and my fans don’t want to either!”-Ciara

“I don’t really have one, I love Instagram!”-LaLa Anthony

“I hate to say this in front of Scott Lipps, but food pictures.”—Courtney Love

“Too many selfies!” –Lela Rose

“Trolls!”- Ibtihaj Muhammad

“#Blessed. #Proud Mama. #Mood. #Vibe. Those are all owned by the Kardashians.” –Robert Verdi

“Just clogging the feed.”—Charlotte Ronson

“Food pictures. Eat the food!”—Brett Heyman

“I don’t use Instagram. Never have.” –David Neville

“I feel like I try to give anyone benefit of the doubt on Instagram and let them do what they’re doing with their post because I’m really self deprecating with my outfit of the day so everyone has a reason for what they’re doing.”—Leandra Medine

“Instagram itself! No I’m kidding—me taking a selfie of myself.”—Sean O’Pry

“People posting nine photos at once.” –Scott Lipps

“I don’t like when people put food. I’m not really a foodie.”—Sara Sampaio

“People taking pictures of something super materialistic. It’s so corny. I hate it. I’m like, calm on.”—Karrueche Tran

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