The Daily Summer’s Season Kick-Off with Paige Reifler, Michelle Smith & Lady Bunny!

by Sydney Sadick

The Daily took things poolside last night at Jimmy at the James in NYC’s Soho nabe to kick off the 2017 season premiere issue of The Daily Summer with cover star Paige Reifler and Milly’s Michelle Smith. “It was so much fun to shoot and the team was amazing. We shot in Little Havana, Miami, which is the closest I’ve gotten to going to Cuba,” the mod said on her cover story and shoot. Guests sipped on rosé-filled glasses while our DJ, Lady Bunny, kept the summer vibe strong. The legendary drag queen played tracks like Christina Aguilera’s remix of Nile Rodgers’ “Telepathy” while donning a Garo Sparo ensemble, a designer who dresses notable burlesque performers like Amanda Lepore and Dita Von Teese. “Don’t worry, I’m not taking anything off! Lock the doors, no one’s getting out! Bunny’s stripping!” she said on her outfit. Smith reflected on an early Lady Bunny memory. “I love her! I miss New York City in the early ’90s. She was always a fixture of the party.” Many guests were spotted in Smith’s designs, including blogger Samantha Angelo. “I love seeing gorgeous girls wear my clothes, as well as gorgeous boys,” the designer added. “Did you see the waiters wearing the Milly tee-shirts? So fun.”

Other fab faces who came out for the fun included Ebonee DavisSophie ElgortOlivia PerezJohannes HueblBibhu MohapatraDavid and Phillipe BlondIsaac Hindin-MillerGrace AtwoodJeremy CarverRomeo HuntePreston KonradWilliam McClarnonSophie Sumner, and Henrietta Tiefenthaler, among others.


Last night was also the scene of a little Daily trivia game: “What’s your nickname?” Here’s what people had to say!

“My preferred pronouns are slutty and sugar kiss!” —Lady Bunny

“My nickname when I lived in Germany was Jockle, but that doesn’t really translate well into English. “ —Johannes Huebl

“DJ Bucks! My friend Carolyn started calling me that because I was playing music with our friends”—Sophie Elgort

“Rome since everyone always mixes up Romeo with romance!” —Romeo Hunte

“I have a lot of nicknames…my most well-known nickname is Milly, but I have Mills and Millford, too.” —Michelle Smith

“Love bug, as per my boyfriend!” —Paige Reifler

“Zig-zag—everyone calls me that because no one knows how to pronounce my last name correctly.” —Joey Zauzig

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photo credit: Getty Images & Ryan Liu 

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