Daily News: Bella Hadid’s Photog Search, Ralph Lauren’s Shopping Subscription, and More!

by Aaron Royce
Bella Hadid Michael Kors

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Bella Hadid searches for her runway photographer hero

Bella Hadid rarely falls on the runway—but when she does, she gets right back up! And now, she’s looking for a photographer that helped her in one of her most viral moments, according to Elle UK. After taking a tumble at Michael Kors’ Spring Summer 2017 show, Hadid revisited the event this weekend by requesting the identity of a photographer who attempted to help her. “Can someone find me this man. God bless his soul, I want to thank him personally for being the only one to offer a hand in a time of need,” Hadid captioned a set of Instagram Stories, alongside photos of the incident and a neon line pointing to the photog she’s searching for. While there hasn’t been any updates as of yet, we’re hoping she finds her hero and gets to thank him herself!

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Ella Emhoff to create a knitwear line with Batsheva

Ella Emhoff is collaborating with Batsheva Hay on a line of knitwear, according to Vogue. The announcement comes from Emhoff’s video for the second season of Good Morning Vogue, the magazine’s fashion video series. In the clip, Hay and Emhoff discuss numerous samples and the basis for creativity before digging through archival Batsheva designs and vintage materials, followed by an evening stroll through Washington Square Park. Though there’s no date announced for the line yet, we bet it’ll fly off shelves ASAP—if it’s anything like Emhoff’s debut knitwear capsule, which sold out in minutes!

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Ralph Lauren launches subscription service

Ralph Lauren has kicked off the spring season with The Lauren Look, his brand’s first subscription service, which launches today. Starting at $125 per month, customers can now rent a curated wardrobe of recent Ralph Lauren pieces. Once their closet of items is selected, the pieces with the highest priority will be shipped out first. Lauren Look members also have the opportunity to purchase their rental items or replace them with new pieces, which will all be donated to nonprofit Delivering Good after reaching their maximum number of rentals.  Of course, the Look’s first campaign is a lesson in classic RL dressing, featuring an array of classic trousers, suiting, and knits as modeled by Lily Aldridge and Joan Smalls. The luxury brand is the first of its ilk to utilize a rental model, which aims to sustainably reduce waste and extend garments’ lifespans.

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