Daily Media: New Names At IndieWire, Vox, Guardian US, And More Moves To Peruse

by Freya Drohan

This week’s Daily Media top hires, departures, promotions, and new representations.

1. Vincent Perella is now social media and culture editor at IndieWire.

2. Lauren N. Williams is now deputy editor, race and equity at Guardian US.

3. Miranda Kennedy is now executive producer of Today, Explained at Vox.

4. Anu Narayanan is now president, women’s apparel, accessories, wedding and beauty at Anthropologie. Aaron Mutscheller is now president, home and terrain. Holly Thrasher is now chief merchandising officer, apparel and weddings at the company.

5. Nikki Croney is now associate vice president at Foundation. Sydney Haymond is now account executive at the company.

6. Alixandra Keogh is now director, social media and influencer marketing at Stetson.

7. Nicole Clark is now account director at Autumn Communications. Micaela Murphy is now account executive at the company.

8. Matty Magnin is now senior manager, global public relations at UGG. Sarajane McQuaid is now associate PR manager at the company.

9. Lily Stonberg is now account executive at Lion VIP Relations.

10. Brittany Banion is now senior director, beauty at SHADOW. Will Davis is now senior director, luxury and spirits at the company, and Rachael Ross is now director, beauty.


11. The Hinton Group is now representing Hanifa.

12. Lucky Chalm is now representing ALÉMAIS.

13. KRUPP Group is now representing Charlotte Stone.

14. JJBPR is now representing A.P. CHEM.

15. Lindsey Media is now representing Clara Colette Miramon.

16. J/PR is now representing The Reform Club, Amagansett.

17. En Haus Communications is now representing Contact Sports.

18. Paul Wilmot Communications is now representing MEMO Paris.

19. Michele Marie PR is now representing Les Aimants and Velvet Caviar.

20. Moxie Communications Group is now representing Pit Viper.

21. Katherine Brooks PR is now representing Ravello Intimates.

22. LaForce is now representing Dickies for communications. H&S is now representing the brand for influencer marketing.

23. DAZ PR is now representing Dr. Joseph Zakhary and Dr. Tim Matatov of Southwest Breast & Aesthetics.

24. Fisher Public Relations is now representing UnionDerm.

25. Evna Media PR is now representing David Samuel Ko/Maison Ko.

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