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The Daily Does Equinox! Did Bart Grzybowski Make The Cut?

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On Monday and Tuesday, team Daily hit Equinox’s Soho location (a fashion world favorite) to host a morning yoga class and a rousing edition of the brand’s new boxing regime, The Cut. One Management models Nina Daniele, Andrea Cronberg, Mika Van Winkle, and Carola Remer joined Soul Artists’ Bart Grzybowski, Paul Margolin, Nicholas K’s Christopher Kunz in the sweat sesh. “I never worked out so hard in my life,” said Daniele after class. “Next time, I will sleep more than four hours and drink water beforehand!” Remer affirmed the intensity of the experience. “We were moving so fast—not the easiest way to wake up,” she admitted. But if you’re looking for a total body transformation, consider The Cut to be a worthy obsession.


Fitness Fix! 

With Soul Artists’ Bart Grzybowski


What’s your fitness motto?
Don’t give up. Being healthy requires dedication and resolve. It’s not a fad diet or a sprint to the finish. The key is to build upon your successes day to day, and to steadily create a lifestyle that incorporates a healthy diet, regular exercise, and plenty of sleep.

What’s your definition of a healthy body?
I think a healthy body is a functional one, both on a mental and physical level, because these two realms are intertwined. My dad always said that your brain is also a muscle that needs exercise.

How often do you exercise?
I try to work out about five days a week, with one active recovery day and a full rest day.

What do you love about Equinox?
The trainers are extremely talented, and their classes are always really fun but also challenging. They have absolutely gorgeous facilities, with numerous locations around the city. Last but not least, the staff is super polite, courteous, and helpful.

What did you get out of the class?
[Instructor] Mary O didn’t let up; seeing her coordination and speed really motivated me to keep pace. I was dripping!

Photos by Stefania Curto 

Eddie Roche

Eddie Roche is the Deputy Editor of The Daily Front Row/Daily Summer/Daily Hollywood

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