Christian Lacroix Blames Oedipus for All These ’80s Fashion Revivals

by Aria Darcella

It has been 10 years since Christian Lacroix shuttered his couture business and walked away from the label that bears his name. And yet, his creations, especially those from his ’80s heyday, continue to inspire designers today, something Lacroix finds endlessly amusing.

“There is something Oedipian in this process [of revivals],” Lacroix told Vogue. “I think as Mr. Dior did for New Look and Mr. Yves Saint Laurent for the 1972 collection, designers are inspired by how their mothers looked when they were children; or the first girls and women and fashion they opened their eyes on. [In my youth] we loved the 1950s; I was, and still feel, quite close to the ’60s — [when] I was in my teens! — but it’s another feeling when it comes to a decade you knew for real or as an adult, like the ’80s and ’90s for me.”


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At the same time, Lacroix is quite flattered to see references to his own work popping up in the collections of fashion’s current stars. “It’s quite reassuring and amusing to see my work inspiring the new generation and to see in which ways they adapt the period. As we were doing, they don’t copy the past directly; they mix it with their own world and the result is quite interesting.”

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