Chanel Spring/Summer 2017

by Daniel Chivu

With technology becoming more innovative (and invasive) than even the most visionary sci-fi pioneers could have imagined, Karl Lagerfeld’s techy take on 2017 vision was a deliberate throwback to more mainframe times. Models traipsed around a old-school computer, and the clothes had an unapologetic eighties attitude, underscored with sideways-turned baseball caps in punchy colors and prints. Lingerie was another focus—lace overlays and slinky slipdresses were paired with strong-shouldered blazers, slouchy bombers, and crochet-esque cardigans. But Lagerfeld never does straight nostalgia—take the first two looks, which featured classic Chanel-esque tweed suits on robotic, personality-free aliens. The effect was a touch unsettling: Is Lagerfeld commenting on how technology, that invasive species, is making the woman into a machine? Has he noticed that our fashion choices are, so often times, dictated by potential for likes? Do we really have to think this hard, especially when there are so many great clothes worthy of our undivided attention? Paging the love button…

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