Things to Discuss: Glamsquad Embraces Dyson’s New $400 Hair Dryer

by Ashley Baker

The beauty world is all aflutter with talk of the latest industry disruptor—the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, which spent four years in development before hitting the U.S. market in September. What makes this quotidien tool, which retails for $400, fetch the price of an airline ticket to Reykjavik? An ultra-powerful (yet lightweight) motor, a controlled airflow, intelligent heat control (to prevent damage), a design that concentrates the weight in the handle (versus the head), and magnetic attachments, for starters. While your Daily has yet to take one for a test-blow, the folks at Glamsquad have soundly endorsed the product. Effective immediately, all Glamsquad stylists will be outfitted with a Dyson Supersonic. Giovanni Vaccaro, the brand’s creative director, explains the Supersonic’s appeal. 

Giovanni, how did this partnership come together?
Prior to Glamsquad, I was at a prestigious New York City salon for 10 years, and over time, we’ve seen the industry evolve with new trends—at-home services such as ours, the importance of social media, and more. The one thing that’s remained static is the blow dryer. I believe Dyson’s creation of the Supersonic dryer will transform the industry. We are constantly staying on top of cutting edge trends and innovative ideas, and I’m thrilled we will be first to market as the exclusive mobile beauty at-home service offering blowouts using only the Dyson dryer.

Why are Glamsquad stylists so excited about using the new dryer?
We are focused on providing the highest quality of service possible, which means having the most talented and experienced beauty professionals on board and offering the best tools and products. No stone has been left unturned when it comes to the innovative design and manufacturing of the Dyson dryer. This blow dryer is heat-controlled, which prevents extreme heat damage; it’s quiet, which is important since our beauty professionals are in clients’ homes, hotel rooms and offices, and I believe this dryer allows for quick dry time so you are in and out.

How do you anticipate it will affect Glamsquad’s business?
Glamsquad is an affordable luxury—for a reasonable price, clients can feel transformed in 45 minutes with our high-quality and consistent services. This partnership with Dyson takes the ‘affordable luxury’ to the next level and adds a new layer of freshness and innovative thinking.


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