Celeb-Loved HATCH Opens Dreamy UES Store—Here’s What Ariane Goldman Wants You To Know!

by Freya Drohan

No matter what point of life you’re at, most fashion fans will have heard of maternity brand, HATCH. The label, currently celebrating its 10th anniversary, has long been a go-to solution for many of the world’s most famous figures when they’re expecting—not least, one Miss Meghan Markle who has catapulted HATCH’s Eliza dress to cult status. The woman behind it all, Ariane Goldman, is a born-and-bred Upper East Sider, which makes the unveiling of her second NYC store on Lexington Ave between 73rd and 74th Streets, all the more sweet. What began as a small capsule collection of chic maternity clothes now incorporates a non-toxic beauty line, an editorial platform, and a strong social community of over 160K women. We caught up with her to get the lowdown on how she does it all. 

Congrats on the new UES store! What does the store, and the neighborhood, mean to you?
This new store is such a love letter to New York City. I grew up on the Upper East Side and every corner holds a memory, so as much as I’m a downtown girl now, this is a homecoming. The store was initially set to open in March 2020, and of course, we couldn’t open. But we knew the heartbeat was there in New York and investing in the city was something we really believed in. We couldn’t be more thrilled! The store is like a jewel box of surprises, from the beautiful geode countertop to our beauty station filled with HATCH Mama. It’s a dream come true.


So many well-known stars have worn HATCH during their pregnancies. Has there been some especially ‘pinch me’ moments?
There have been so many, which were are so grateful for: Lily Alridge, Jessica Alba, Kerry Washington, Ashley Graham. A standout for me was when Meghan Markle wore our Eliza dress. That was just a whole new level. The dress has sold out eight times since then, we can’t keep it in stock. But the best part was how radiant she looked. She wore it for her shower and she was just glowing.

Speaking of looking your best, what tips do you have for expectant moms dressing for the transition to colder months?
I love the start of a new season, especially in New York. The air just crackles with energy and excitement. I’m a fashion girl at heart and I love the transition. While it’s still warm, I reach for lightweight knits that I can layer for cooler nights (and air conditioning!) and I love to bring out my classic denim, which always reminds me of back to school vibes.


Since we last connected, how has HATCH been doing and what’s the latest?
This year has been challenging on so many levels, but exciting too. Even in a pandemic, women needed solutions to take them through this wild and beautiful journey of pregnancy and Fourth Trimester—and they needed community even more. We launched our Digital Events series and Babe, our content site, and it’s been incredible to watch the support system come to life.

What about you personally, how was your summer Out East?
It was really magical. It’s always been our escape, but we’ve never taken the opportunity to move there full time for a summer. The time as a family was truly a silver lining to all of the crazy this year and we really embraced that out East.

What’s your favorite thing about spending time out there?
Long days with my family, the girls’ hair wet from the pool, and late nights with friends and a tequila. We try to soak in every minute!

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