10 CBD Products to Spark Your Interest on 4/20

by Alex Dickerson

4/20 man…it isn’t just for stoners anymore. What started as an insiders-only way to secretly refer to sparking a doobie, is now a major health and wellness moment, courtesy of the rise in popularity of CBD. On that note, here are unique CBD products that this enthusiast highly recommends (!!) so you too can enjoy a 4/20-inspired lifestyle, every day.

oHHo CBD Pre-Rolls – $30

These hemp flower pre-rolls will make you feel like an extra from Dazed and Confused, minus the brain fog and bell bottoms. We particularly love the Suver Haze, grown in Green Mountain, VT, which is ideal for relaxing after a long day! While we have you, the brand is also having a 4/20 exclusive special—buy one get one free with code 2xoHHo. Stock up and puff, puff, give!

Black Dahlia CBD Lollipops – $40 (or $5 per pop)

A sublime set of five elevated flavors, these sweet treats are so decadently good you won’t even realize you’re doing your body a favor too. Inspired by the Black Dahlia team’s favorite destinations, the flavors include Paloma, Prickly Pear, Sweet Woodruff, Honeydew, and Bergamot. They’re sugar-free, all-natural, gluten-free, vegan…and simply delicious. Each lollipop has 20mg of CBD. The code Lolli15 will score you 15% off!

Highline Wellness CBD Mint Oil + Melatonin – $50

Highline Wellness has unlocked the secret to sleeping like a baby. Float away into dreamland, thanks to relaxation-inducing broad-spectrum CBD coupled with melatonin (and all with a delicious minty taste). Added bonus: the packaging is so chic you’ll actually want it on your nightstand display!

Muri Lelu Face Oils – $135 each ($250 for the set)

This potent plant-based duo packs a major luxury skincare punch! The Bloomrise Sativa Serum gets your morning started with flawless hydration, while the Mauvaise Herbe Indica oil fights the signs of aging all night long. The oils are packed with active botanicals and terpene-rich essential oils so nourishment is guaranteed. One sniff and you’ll be reassured that these fabulous oils are using the best whole flower Cannabis extracts.

Tribe Tokes CBD Pain Management Bundle – $160

Tribe Tokes tackles pain on the inside and outside, making it a legitimate life saver! For anyone who’s worn 4″ heels all night, or pushed themselves too hard in a Tracy Anderson class, this is the only answer. The pain cream fights aches with cooling anti-inflammatories, while the tinctures treat what ails you from within.

Saint Jane Luxury Lip Shine – $28

No one said CBD was strictly for eating—the wonderful anti-inflammatory and moisturizing qualities of this miracle oil have made their way into our favorite beauty products. Saint Jane, whose luxury beauty serum is the holy grail, has introduced several products including a luxury lip shine. With calming botanicals like sunflower, chamomile, and aloe, this CBD lip gloss is a beauty must.

Rose Delights Apple Passionfruit Edibles – $40

Turkish Delight-style infused edibles, these creations are straight from the imagination of chef Dominique Crenn. Passion fruit combined with house-pressed Johnathan apples create a flavor that is sweet, vibrant, exotic, and calming. It’s truly the perfect dessert bite!

The Hemp Division Lift Coffee Elixir – $36 for 8 cans

Finally: coffee, without the jitters! Lift is a refreshing CBD iced coffee drink, whereby single-origin high quality Ethiopian coffee is brewed hot and immediately chilled to a frosty 38 degrees within seconds. Featuring 20mg of CBD, each can is handcrafted in New York. Can anyone say Hempire State?

Zolt Dreamy Mixie Sticks – $80 for a 30 pack

Zolt harnesses the power of adaptogens and melatonin in its Dreamy Mixie Sticks. Simply pop the powder into water (hot or cold), sip, and then snooze. Your body will thank you, as the CBD, ashwagandha root, and melatonin heal you overnight. Celebrate and save 20% off purchases of $50 or more with the code 420TWENTY.

Wildflower CBD Cool Stick – $59.99

Wendy Nguyen, the genius behind Artemis, turned us onto the Wildflower CBD Cool Stick. Convenient enough to live in your tote bag, and strong enough to fight any aches and pains, it’s a bona fide multi-purpose magic wand. Chock full of therapeutic essentials oils such as arnica and wintergreen, it gives a soothing and warming sensation on contact with its refreshing wintergreen scent and velveteen texture.

Dream Powder – $95

A cinnamon cacao flavored dream…literally!  Dream powder helps your body and mind wind down with relaxing ingredients including melatonin, magnesium, reishi and the brand’s signature nano CBD. Hot tip: we mix ours with warm water or almond milk for a guilt-free, sleeping-inducing cup of cocoa.

Happy 4/20!

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