Can You Believe The Daily Summer Is 10!? A Look Back At Some Of Our Best Moments

by Eddie Roche

Where does the time go? We can’t believe it’s been 10 years since spinning off into the Hamps for our first issue of The Daily Summer. Since launching in 2011, the magazine has brought you all the fashion, dish, and hopefully a few laughs you first came to love at New York Fashion Week. Here’s to many more!

Emily DiDonato

The Daily Summer, (Courtesy)

“Happy anniversary! Wishing you many more issues full of all the best things fashion has to offer! Thinking back on my cover, I remember shooting these images around midnight in the swimming pool at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown New York City. I remember thinking, “My job is so weird sometimes,” as I was floating around snapping these images!”

Lindsay Ellingson

Daily Summer, (Courtesy)

“After so many seasons spent reading the magazine, it was such a surprise and honor to hear The Daily Summer wanted to feature me on its cover. It was so nice to unwind in beautiful St. Barth’s with such an incredible team for the shoot. For every shot, I was jumping in the pool in different ways and had an absolute blast! To this day, these are some of my favorite images. It was an honor to work with Gilles Bensimon and the entire Daily team. Here’s to many more fashionable years!”

Toni Garrn

Daily Summer, (Courtesy)

Happy anniversary! I love your magazine! It always lights up my mood to see the big-size-fun one-of-a-kind issue. I loved the shoot. I had the best time in St. Barth’s with a super cool team. We all shared a villa and had so much fun. Daily pool parties after work. I won’t ever forget it! I love the cover. I love that they kept my natural hair, the salt beach version of it, that is!”

Nadine Leopold

Daily Summer , (Courtesy)

“Happy anniversary, The Daily Summer! I had the best time shooting this cover, as it was shot by Gilles Bensimon and he is just one of the most fun photographers I worked with! We laughed so much that day and created beautiful images in St. Barth’s!”

Frida Aasen

Daily Summer, (Courtesy)

“Happy anniversary to The Daily Summer! I [shot] my cover in Miami with Giorgio Niro, and we had the best time. We were on the beach and I got to wear some super cool and sporty beach looks! I loved the cover because of how powerful it turned out. Being on the cover was such an amazing moment of my career!”

Hilary Rhoda

The Daily Summer, (Courtesy)

“Happy 10th anniversary! I have so many great memories of our two cover shoots. The first one we did was one of your first issues. I did my own hair and makeup and wore one of my own swimsuits, but The Daily Summer brought all these amazing diamonds so a security guard was watching closely over us. I loved when a new issue would come out and I’d go pick up the new copy in town for the best beach read!”

Sailor Brinkley-Cook

Daily Summer, (Courtesy)

The day of my Daily Summer cover shoot was the most happy day, filled with laughs. I was only 15 when we shot that cover and remember being so happy that the address on the call sheet was in Sag Harbor. Whenever I get to work in my hometown it makes me so happy. My mom [Christie Brinkley] has about 20 copies of that issue saved in her office. I’m lucky she archives everything! The cover came out on my 16th birthday, so I remember feeling so cool that on my birthday weekend my face was in front of every store I would go into. I loved the shot because I was sandwiched between two gorgeous guys. It was the biggest sweet 16 flex! I look at that cover and just think how crazy it is I was only 15! It was just such a special time in my life.

Shanina Shaik

Daily Summer, (Courtesy)

“Happy anniversary, The Daily Summer! I remember flying to Miami to shoot this cover. I loved the concept and bright colors. I was so happy with the shoot. I have my cover magazine from this photo shoot on my coffee table for everyone to see. Honored I was chosen to be a cover girl with you!”


Stella Maxwell on her 10-year plan, in 2016: “To live another hundred after the next 10. I really love life, and I just want to enjoy and appreciate and be thankful for each day.”

Daily Summer, (Courtesy)

Kate Upton on becoming a household name at 19, in 2017: “I was very grateful for my success. I started modeling when I was 15, so it didn’t really happen overnight. I spent three years working hard, learning about the industry, and meeting different people.Nobody really prepared me for [success]. At the beginning, people thought they knew who I was before getting to know me. Slowly, I’ve worked to bring my real personality to the forefront.”

Gigi Hadid on her impending megafame, in 2014 “I’ve grown up in and around the spotlight, and I’m starting to go into my own spotlight. I want to be successful, but the negative stuff does get to me sometimes, you know? I consider myself a pretty normal girl, so when people are on the Internet writing stuff about me, I’m like, ‘Hello! There are whales to save! Go talk about something else!’ ”

Daily Summer, (Courtesy)

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