Breaking: Alexi McCammond Resigns From Teen Vogue EIC Role

by Aaron Royce
Alexi McCammond

Teen Vogue’s recently-appointed editor in chief Alexi McCammond has resigned, shortly before her intended start day on March 24. McCammond shared the news herself with a statement on Twitter this afternoon.

“Hey there: I’ve decided to part ways with Condé Nast,” she begins, before describing her reasoning for the departure. In the note attached to her tweet, McCammond said that her resurfaced racist and homophobic tweets “overshadowed” the work she’s done to “highlight the people and issues that I care about.”

“I should not have tweeted what I did,” McCammond continues in the statement, “and I have taken full responsibility for that. I look at my work and growth in the years since, and have redoubled my commitment to growing in the years to come as both a person and as a professional.” McCammond further wishes the best to the Teen Vogue team, before sharing her hopes to “re-join the ranks of tireless journalists who are shining light on the issues that matter every single day.”

So far, the reaction to McCammond’s resignation has been largely positive, with editors and journalists commending her from stepping down from the EIC role. “I’m glad we spoke up and I’m glad Alexi took full accountability for her actions,” Diana Tsui, editorial director, recommendations at The Infatuation, captioned an Instagram post today. Tsui was one of the first members of the media to “call out” McCammond for the past tweets upon her appointment to the top of the Teen Vogue masthead. When it was republished by Diet Prada, it gained greater recognition and a back and forth of apologies and criticism ensued.

Condé Nast has not announced a replacement for McCammond.

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