Blogger Spotlight! Lainy Hedaya of Haute InHabit

by Sydney Sadick

This week, the blogger spotlight is on Lainy abitedaya of Haute Inhabit. The ultra-chic brunette breaks down her wedding (she recently got married), Halloween plans, and, of course, her five tips for aspiring bloggers. 

When and why did you start your blog?
I started my blog in late 2011 after I was fired from a job with a stylist and thought I would need a digital portfolio to get hired again. She told me I would never make it in the industry.

How do you describe your style?
Dark but feminine. I feel most comfortable in a leather jacket and gray jeans. I think my style is pretty uniform, and I won’t apologize for it. A lot of bloggers go from one style to the next. That’s just mentally uncomfortable.

You recently got married…Congrats! Tell us about the wedding!
I bought the first dress I tried on. The Vera Wang team was awesome to work with. I didn’t really have time to shop anywhere else because work was so grueling. I was more focused on being married than getting married, if that makes any sense. My mom is a wedding planner, so this was a fun project for her. I just showed up and raged.

Did any of your blogger pals attend?
Charlotte Groenvald
, Danielle Bernstein, and Moti Ankari.

Were you a bride-zilla?!
I’m not an anything-zilla. I hate people who care about their wedding more than their relationship. It’s like those people who have to celebrate their birthday for a week, or worse, a month. I just don’t understand it.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Bali and Maldives. I’ve never been to that side of the world. It was great to be in an opposite time zone and have a solid excuse not to answer emails.

Are you big into emerging designers? Who are you loving right now?
My best friend Oscar Olima…I love his brain. And Esteban Cortesazar. And Beaufille.

Fall must-haves, please!
Big shearling coats that fit chunky sweaters. A pair of bell-shaped cropped denim. Low-heeled booties.

Are you dressing up for Halloween?
I kinda give in to the provocative costumes…sue me!

Are you a candy girl? What are your favorites?
I just cracked my molar in half from biting a lollipop…My dentist wants to kill me! So to answer your question, yes! But I won’t be allowed to having candy this Halloween.

Any projects coming up for your blog?
I’ve gotten a lot of requests for photography and styling, but I would really love to do a department store’s windows. I just want to get my hands dirty. Break a nail, perhaps. That kind of work. But I can’t disclose any upcoming projects!

PLUS! Lainy’s Five Tips for Aspiring Bloggers

  1. Stay true to yourself.
  2. Don’t quit your job to start blogging. It’s not as lucrative as it looks.
  3. Don’t do it for the fame.
  4. Don’t do it for the “swag.”
  5. Do it because you have something to say.

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