Blogger Spotlight! Amanda Gluck of Fashionable Hostess

by Sydney Sadick

If there’s one blogger who knows how to throw a party in style, it’s Amanda Gluck of Fashionable Hostess. The adorable blonde, who just made a move from NYC to Nashville, dishes on throwing the ultimate party, plus her décor style (and more)!

How did you get into blogging?
I interned at Harper’s Bazaar and considered pursuing editorial as a career. My only experience had been in fashion sales and merchandising, so a friend told me to start a blog so editors could review my writing when I applied. The blog started out fashion-focused, but when I got engaged I started writing more about my registry and small wine and cheese parties. I continued writing the blog for a few years and then moved into fashion PR. It wasn’t until three years later, after I was married and pregnant, that I really started pursuing this dream of being a blogger, full-time!
What were you doing before?
After graduating from Brown University I headed to New York City where I worked at Macy’s Merchandising Group designing private label accessories for Charter Club and Alfani. Then I was the PR Manager at Owls Lab, a boutique fashion and lifestyle company—they called it the Kitson of the Northeast because we dressed every celeb of the moment and hosted gifting suites at Sundance and New York Fashion Week—and then I was the PR Manager of Alice & Trixie, a contemporary women’s fashion line.
What does it take to be a “fashionable hostess?”
A fashionable hostess is someone who really takes pride in entertaining. They get excited by fresh flowers on their coffee table, and contemplate the best cheese to serve with their wine. This gal can be 23 in her first apartment or 55 and hosting a holiday dinner party for her family.
How often do you throw parties?
I throw parties weekly. Some are full-blown seated dinner parties and others are wine and cheese happy hours on Fridays. I just love to host! As for the most memorable, the garden party I hosted this spring was just so pretty. The flowers were to die for. My Pretty in Pink party was such a memorable night, and one of the last I spent with all my friends in New York! My first Nashville Party was also amazing because it was my first time having a patio to entertain on!
If you could invite anyone from the fashion industry to attend your next party, who would it be?
Sarah Jessica Parker. I will forever be obsessed with her and Sex in the City.
What’s your personal style versus your décor style?
My fashion style really varies from day to night. I’m incredibly casual during the day because I’m always running around. I’m usually in short rompers—they’re so easy to throw on—or skinny jeans, and always flats. For night I usually air on the side of overdressed…I can’t help it, I just love to dress up. Always heels and usually a dress or some sort of silk tank. And I rotate my handbags and jewelry daily! For décor style, I would say I am feminine but classic. Glance at my Instagram @FashionableHostess and you will see I gravitate toward whites, grays, and golds. As for my own home, follow along as I decorate my new house in Nashville, Tennessee, with hashtag #TNChateauFH.
What are you working on now?
I definitely have a well-rounded full plate. I am partnering with home brands like Pottery Barn, World Market, H&M Home, and Mark & Graham, and in the baby space, Minted and Old Navy. And I love working with my wine and spirits brands like Santa Margherita!
How do you manage to focus on fashion, décor, and motherhood when most bloggers typically focus on one topic?
While people have given me advice to streamline and stick to one topic, I can’t help but write about the different things I love and I’m passionate about. I think it makes me a little different from all the fashion bloggers out there, and it also makes me more personable, or at least I hope it does, than all the décor bloggers. The way I view it, if you are like me and read my blog because you love dinner parties and décor, you still need to know what to wear to the party, from a cute dress to lipstick to perfume. As for my kids…well, I am just a proud mamma and like to show them off!

PLUS! Amanda’s Five Tips for Aspiring Bloggers

  • Write about something you’re passionate about.
  • Stand behind your work. If you don’t love how photos came out or you aren’t proud of your work, then don’t post it.
  • Only partner with brands you love and really buy. Think as if your followers are your friends, and work with brands you chat about.
  • Don’t expect to make money right away! It takes time to create a brand. If you devote time and energy, you will get there.
  • Don’t mix business with pleasure. If you create an Instagram or Facebook account using your blog name, keep the context strictly business. Use your personal accounts for goofy or private photos!

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