BFF Chatter! With Donna Karan

by The Daily Front Row

Donna Karan fills us in on one of her nearest and dearest pals, plus her affinity for all things ’90s…

Love your ‘90s DKNY revival with Opening Ceremony. How would you describe yourself in the ‘90s?

I think I’m still in the ‘90s. I didn’t grow up!

You and Patti Cohen have been friends forever.

She’s really me.

How did you meet?
We lived in Fire Island and played tennis together. I was working at Anne Klein. Patti was bored and loved clothes. She asked me if she could work there and I said sure! She’s better at tennis.

What do you do when you’re not working?

We’re always at work, but we do go to the Hamptons together. Sometimes it’s good to have separate time.

What famous duo would you compare yourselves to?

Thelma and Louise. [Patti: We have a car. We go together!]

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