Beauty News: Pat McGrath’s Next Big Hit

by Kristen Heinzinger


After her majorly successful first product launch this fall, Gold 001 (it sold out in about six minutes), legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath is back with a new limited-edition collection, Phantom 002. If its popularity on Instagram is a prediction of its fandom when it launches December 15, looks like it’ll be another sellout: McGrath’s collage of six images, that together showed the new line, earned 12, 598 likes at the time of this post. The foil-like pigments come in yellow gold, neon blue, burnished copper, and fuchsia, and can be worn on lids, pouts, cheeks, and everywhere, according to McGrath.

“As with Gold 001, creativity is encouraged when using Phantom 002,” McGrath said. “Provided are the tools necessary to generate a look meant for hardcore revelry. Use without caution. Don’t play it safe.” The kits (only 1,200 of them) will be available at Noon on December 15 on for $240.

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