Here’s a First Look at the New Armani/Silos Exhibit, “Fabula”

by Aria Darcella

Fashion is about so much more than what comes down the runway. It’s a subtle, but important part of who we are, even if what we wear is often an afterthought. But a new exhibit at Armani/Silos — Giorgio Armani’s gallery space in Milan — is presenting a unique vision of how fashion fits in to our everyday lives. It’s latest show, Fabula, features the work of French photographer Charles Fréger, who has spent nearly two decades documenting different communities and the dress codes they adopt. From military dress around the world, to athletes, to rural life, the images showcase how ways of adorning ourselves is part of how we connect to one another.


“The vitality of color is what caught my eye first, drawing my attention to [his] work,” Armani says. “That color, however, is no mere visual feat: it is a depiction of human energy. As a fashion designer, I know clothing is charged with a great symbolic meaning: Fréger constantly reminds us of that, scavenging the deepest aspects of dressing up as a way of communicating.”

In addition to being visually stunning, the exhibit also acts as the largest retrospective of Fréger’s career. Over 250 images are on display, spanning from 2000 to 2016. “[This] is a chance to introduce my photographic series since 2000 in a very inspiring space,” Fréger says. “It feels like visualizing the works chapter by chapter, as if the sublime architecture of the Silos was giving the rhythm to the photographic exhibition. There’s a sensation of time and evolution, a conversation with the rooms, the grey concrete walls and the precise lighting giving the best possible echo to the color of my photographs.”

Charles Fréger and Giorgio Armani

Fabula will be on view January 12 to March 24, 2019, at Armani/Silos in Milan.

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