Anna Cleveland: “I’ve Been Having A Moment My Whole Life”

by Eddie Roche

One undeniable part of New York Fashion Week was the rise, and rise, and rise of Next mod Anna Cleveland, who was everywhere and beyond during the week. We caught up with the rising star during the week to talk about her moment, her mom, and where she’s living these days. 

Everybody keeps saying that you are having a moment this season. Does it feel like it?
I’ve been having a moment my whole life. I was born in fashion so there are always a lot of moments. This is my moment. I’ve worked hard for it. I’ve been shooting a lot of fantastic editorials with great magazines and photographers. I’m happy. I’m going along with it. I’m like a ping pong ball in a ping pong match.
Do you still live in New Jersey?
I moved to Paris. I realized it was the place for me. It’s a city of enlightenment and I found it there.
How’s your mom [Pat Cleveland] doing without you?
She misses me, but we Skype every single day. She hasn’t been to my fashion weeks yet in Paris. Coming soon.
Will you be nervous when she’s watching you?
Never. She usually yells out my name ,which is very cute.

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