Ann Shoket Discusses Leaving Seventeen At The Mag’s Dinner With FEED

by Dena Silver

CaptureJust a day after the announcement that Ann Shoket would be stepping down from her helm as editor-in-chief at Seventeen (along with a few other shuffles chez Hearst) the editrix hosted a dinner at Telepan Local last night in partnership with FEED’s Lauren Bush Lauren. The evening focused on FEED’s effort to help end world hunger via FEED Supper, a new initiative. The project aims to turn dinner parties into a charitable event by offering a platform to directly donate funds that would otherwise go towards a nice bottle of wine or a fancy dessert to feed those in need. With a goal of 1 million meals donated by October 16th, last night’s nosh provided 40,000 meals for the hungry, bringing the total tally of meals donated to their halfway point. The likes of DKNY’s Aliza Licht, CNN’s Brian Stelter, and NY1’s Jamie Stelter were among the philanthropic diners nibbling pizzette with lemon ricotta and shaved zucchini and grilled cheese topped with bruschetta. So how many do-good totes does the FEED founder and designer Lauren have by now? “I don’t even know how many FEED bags I own. It’s gone beyond having a storage space for them; my whole closet is filled with FEED clothes and bags!” But back to Shoket! After telling us that she wasn’t a superb cook (“I’m a disastrous cook! I regularly explode eggs in the microwave.”), we quickly chatted about leaving the EIC role and more…

How do you feel about departing Seventeen?
I’ve had seven years at Seventeen of massive brand building and the brand is completely different than we could have imagined it was when we first started down this road. But it was time for me to launch a new adventure.

So you’ll stick around Hearst for a bit?
I’m incredibly entrepreneurial: I’m always looking for what’s next, what’s new, and what more we can do. There are new projects at Hearst that I’m focused on that I’m pretty sure I can’t talk about! Additionally, I’m cooking up a few things on my own.

Are you in the process of stepping down or have you already passed on your duties to Joanna Coles?
I’ve already passed on the torch.

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