Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2018

by Paige Reddinger

If you’re a retailer or journalist, and you were remotely interested in viewing the latest from Alexander Wang, you trekked to Bushwick. And what a scene it was. Interminable lines, police officers barking at attendees to get out of the road, and once you were finally granted access, you were corralled into a sliver of space behind an eternal stretch of metal police barricades. It was standing room only, even for critics like Cathy Horyn and Jessica Michault, who, like everyone else, were perched on tiptoes to get a glimpse of the action (although a VIP section with a guaranteed view was reserved for the Kardashians, Sofia Richie, etc.) Tiny figures trotted down the runway, made tinier as guests viewed the models either through their iPhones’ zoom function or the iPhone of a person in front of them.

No matter—it’s the after-party that everyone was after. #WANGFEST was held in an adjacent warehouse venue, but as guests attempted to enter, huge metal gates closed in and squeezed them out. Your Daily was not among the heroic, happy few to make it inside, although according to Instagram, there were merely piles of donuts and candles inside. Some guests like Susie Bubble and BryanBoy quickly turned on their heels and headed to Honey’s bar next door. Though we had a booze-free evening, we still have a bit of a #wangover.

Overheard at #WANGFEST:

“This is horrible. Is this really the show?”

“I don’t care about the show because I can’t see anything anyway.”

 “Maybe I should just jump the fence.”

“Maybe they’re doing a whole motorcycle thing with the Guardian Angels.”

“Where’s the Shake Shack?”

“How do I get out of here? Let me out! I’m so claustrophobic.”

“I’m just low-key broke right now. Can I Venmo you later for the Uber?”

“Let’s goooooo!” [waiting for the show to begin, followed by a loud “Boo-yah!”]

[Someone in an Uber listening to rap music] “It’s like we’re at Wang but we’re seated and have heat.”

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