Alexander Wang Is Charging $6000 for Those Feather Headbands From the Spring Runway

by Charles Manning

Remember those fun feather headbands from Alexander Wang’s spring 2018 runway show? Well, now you can buy one of your very own. And it will only set you back $6,000!

Well, okay, they’re not all $6,000. Some cost as little as $3,900. That’s a real steal if you think about it in terms of percentages alone. And then, of course, there are the $5,100 and $5,300 styles. Those make up the sort of bridge collection — neither the cheapest, nor the most expensive. Sort of a contemporary price point. You know, relatively. Within the context of high-end feather headbands.

I mean, sure, at first glance they look a lot like the kind of thing you would gripe about paying $10 for on your way to a New Years Eve party? Because $10 for one of those things is highway robbery. I mean, they probably cost Party City a tenth of a cent to produce. That’s a 10,000 percent mark up! It’s criminal, I tell you. Criminal!

Where was I? Oh, yeah! These aren’t Party City, though. These are Alexander Wang! Wang by way of couture milliner Stephen Jones. They’re special. They are! No, seriously. Especially the cursive feather ones. The other ones you could probably make yourself, but the scripty feather ones are kind of elegant.

Party Animal Headband, $3,900

You can view the headbands on Wang’s website, but they are only available for purchase in-store. According to the product description on, each headband is fully customizable, so that’s nice. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a little customization?

So, yeah. There you have it. Alexander Wang feather headbands. With words. And crystals! They’re here and, like most things in this crazy, mixed-up world of ours, they can be yours as long as you’ve got the cash.

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