I’m Starting A GoFundMe To Buy Aje’s Entire Resort ’21 Collection

by Freya Drohan

My love for all things Australian doesn’t start and end with a flat white and slab of chocolate chip banana bread from Bluestone Lane. In fact, it was actually the continent’s incredible offering of brands that know how their way around a good frock that first hit me with its Cupid’s arrow.

Aje, from designers Adrian Norris and Edwina Forest, is one such label that I find myself double tapping on Instagram on the regular, to the extent that my saved tab is overflowing with various images of its now instantly-recognizable voluminous cut-out midi dress. (You know the ones!)

For Resort ’21, the duo wanted to transform the universal sense of uncertainty, grief, and loss into a collection that explored the positive and profound impact that color can have on emotion. Thus, each piece was executed to have a powerful effect on the wearer, their mood, behavior, and feeling. The result is a color palette comprised of soothing pastels, romantic prints, and divine shades reminiscent of summery sorbet, fruits like apricots and lemons, and pistachio ice cream.

As always, Aje’s inimitable silhouettes and textures are front and center too, with classic design signatures like the aforementioned cut-outs, subtle ruffles, and asymmetry evident throughout. The next time I feel like I’m in need of a veritable hug, I know what type of wearable technicolor dream I’ll be reaching for to find solace.

See the collection below:

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