Acne Studios Dishes Up ‘Duvet Dressing’ For Fall ’21—And We’re Into It!

by Freya Drohan
Acne fall winter 21

Grab your pillow and let’s go: Acne Studios’ Jonny Johansson looked to duvet dressing while conceptualizing the brand’s Fall Winter ’21 offering. And if there’s anything more relatable you’ve heard a designer say recently, then we’d like to hear it.

Indeed, the Swede has actually quite enjoyed lockdown and the shift to a more casual and relaxed aesthetic. Thus, for Fall, he took the opportunity to go big on comfort. Quite literally! Volume was a recurring theme, with padded dressing gown-style coats and floor-sweeping deconstructed trenches. Accessories, like bucket hats and goggle-esque eyewear, were also supersized this season. As for fabrics, it was all about soothing and swaddling yourself in fuzzy teddybear-texture sleeves, crocheted thigh-high socks and mittens, and even knitted boxer shorts, while you’re at it.

Cocooning is a term that’s taken on a whole new meaning in the last year, but Johansson doesn’t give two hoots whether you’re over using your clothes as a way to cajole yourself or not. While other designers veered away from comfortable silhouettes,  Johansson evidently doesn’t think we’re done with dressing for tactile pleasure yet. Ergo, his tops, jackets, skirts, and dresses wrapped, draped, and enveloped their way around the wearer’s body and hems came worn and unfinished. Every element of the collection—from the pastels and florals to the silky textures and simple monochromatic hues—had ease of dressing in mind, without sacrificing the inimitable cool factor that Acne does so well. As for the cowhide clogs and boots? Point us to where we can sign up to the inevitable waitlist.

See the full collection below:

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