Cami Morrone Is Coming To A Theater Near You

by Eddie Roche

With an exciting role in an upcoming film and an intriguing circle of friends, Camila Morrone is on her way to becoming fully entrenched in Hollywood. The 20-year-old model and actress explains how she’s navigating her way to the top while keeping her feet on the ground. We talked to Morrone, who nabbed the Fashion Los Angeles award for Emerging Talent of 2017, ahead of the big show!

You don’t always meet people born and raised in Los Angeles. What was that experience like?
It’s less common than people think. I grew up in a Spanish-speaking household because my mom and dad are from Argentina. I have much more life experience than someone who grew up in a small town. You grow up faster in this industry!

Do you think that’s a good thing?
If you navigate it well, it can be a great thing.

How much time did you spend in Argentina growing up?
I would go visit my family during summer breaks and at Christmas. It was nice to mix it up.

Your mom [Lucila Solá] is an actress. Did you grow up on sets?
I’d go on auditions with my parents, even if I didn’t really want to. My parents were divorced when I was very young, and I didn’t have a nanny. I got my first commercial just by accompanying them on an audition. I hated it as a kid, but it was great, because I got comfortable with the process. And it wasn’t as scary when I was doing it on my own.

Why did you dislike the auditions?
As a kid, you don’t want to be sitting in a waiting room with your parents for hours. Watching your parents acting is also a little bit cringey.

When did you decide to pursue acting?
I grew up loving theater. I did every play I could and auditioned for every musical. My first role was in Al [Pacino’s] rendition of Salomé. I played the young version of Jessica Chastain. My role was cut out of the movie, but after that experience, I decided that acting was what I wanted to do. I was only 8 years old, so I had a couple more years of my childhood! [Laughs] I did two short films with James Franco, and I finished high school and moved to New York for a bit. When I booked [the Bruce Willis film] Death Wish, it was my excuse to move back to L.A. and commit to acting full time.

Where did you study your craft?
I took intensive classes that were eight hours a day, four days a week. Then I went home and worked on scenes with my partner. I tell anyone who asks me about acting now that if you can get an intensive class under your belt, it’s beneficial. You learn how to break down a scene and get comfortable in front of the camera. Practice as much as you can, whether that’s reading scripts or working on scenes. It’s an entirely new world and unlike anything else.

(Sebastian Faena)

Did Al Pacino [the partner of Morrone’s mother] give you any acting advice?
He’s always said to be natural and to always work on my craft, always be reading scripts, always be auditioning. You have to stay in shape and be actively working on it and growing. But that’s his only advice for me—he pretty much stays out of it.

Death Wish came out this year. What was it like working with Bruce Willis?
I played his daughter, and most of my scenes were with him. It was my first significant role in a movie, so working with Bruce on such a big-budget, high-level studio movie was terrifying. But he was such a great mentor.

You went to Sundance this year with your upcoming film, Never Goin’ Back.

It was an even crazier experience. It was not only my first film festival, but the first film of mine that I had seen on-screen, because Death Wish hadn’t been released yet. Luckily A24 bought the movie—they did Moonlight and all these incredible films.

Nice! When is it coming out?
Late Summer 2018, and it’s a super fun, raunchy, girls comedy. It’s like the female Superbad. It’s a feel-good movie; I’m excited for people to see it.

What’s Never Goin’ Back about?
Jessie and Angela are two best friends who live in Texas and are dirt-poor. My character doesn’t give a s**t about anything and knows what she wants and will do anything in the world to get it. The movie is an adventure story that follows them as they try to leave Garland, Texas, and escape from poverty.

Cami Morrone at The Daily Front Row’s 2017 Fashion Los Angeles Awards (Patrick McMullan)

Anything else lined up?
I’m in the upcoming remake of Valley Girl, playing the daughter of Alicia Silverstone. It’s not a big role, but there are some sweet scenes between us. It was super cool, because I was such a fan of Clueless and her earlier work. Every single film I do is for a reason. Right now I’m figuring out what project I should tap into next, which is super fun.

We understand that there was an incident before our ACT 1 photo shoot with you in Miami…
I was laughing with my best friend Isabella at a birthday dinner the night before, and we were hunched over and laughing, and we bumped our teeth. She was like, “Cam! Your teeth are chipped!” [Photographer] Sebastian [Faena] told me not to worry about it. And in the end, it’s cute! It gives me character.

Are your teeth fixed now?
It was the first thing I did when I got home.

Cami Morrone at the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar party in Beverly Hills (Getty Images)

What are you going to do for your 21st birthday?
I have to start thinking about that—it’s only a few months away. I’m not one of those people who will go to Vegas and get destroyed. I’ll probably have a taco stand with friends in my backyard and call it a day.

Success brings an invasion of your personal life. How do you deal with being written about?
That’s part of growing up in L.A. I grew up around a lot of famous and successful people, so I’ve seen it for a long time. I honestly try not to read it. You can drive yourself nuts. You have to roll with the punches.

On April 8, Camila Morrone wase honored as “Emerging Talent” at the 2018 Fashion Los Angeles Awards, sponsored by Maybelline New York, MCM, Moroccanoil,, and LIFEWTR. 

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