10 Things You Don’t Know About…Adam Glassman

by Sydney Sadick

It’s been 17 years since Adam Glassman got the call from Oprah to became creative director at her Hearst publication, O, The Oprah Magazine. Whether you see him around town in his perfectly put together ensembles or read his monthly column “Adam Says,” it’s easy to understand how this talent became Oprah’s right-hand man. Now, Glassman gets personal… 

  1. I grew up Kosher: Then I discovered The Lobster Club with extra crispy bacon.
  2. I graduated a semester early from NYU: I moved to Milan where I was photographing runway shows and street fashion, and became a magazine junky.
  3. My first internship was for Donna Karan: She had just launched her label. I was a sales intern but I always wanted to know what the PR team was working on with the editors. Forever etched in my memory is an image of Donna running around in nothing but a bodysuit and a baby llama turban.
  4. I was hired in my early 20s by Frances Lear: …to be the fashion/beauty director of Lear’s. I can’t prove it, but I’m pretty sure Frances thought she hired Adam Moss.
  5. I intended to go to law school: But kept deferring my start date because I was having so much fun in fashion. Wonder if it’s too late…
  6. Forget Mykonos and Ibiza! My idea of a great vacation: Going to the We Care spa for a week. Colon therapy, bodywork, and liquid diet! Hey, those lobster clubs ain’t gonna cleanse themselves.
  7. I am intrinsically shy: This definitely makes my on-air correspondence work for Extra! TV a challenge. Don’t judge me until you’ve tried to find out what’s keeping Jlo’s dress on in front of America.
  8. I try to keep Sunday to myself: No phone, no email, no talking: Just me.
  9. I have younger twin brothers: One is a contractor and one is a lawyer.
  10. The number-one question people ask me: “What is Oprah really like?” The answer: If you watched her show, you already know. Aside from not being allowed to make eye contact with her under any circumstances, what you see is what you get, which is rare for anyone…let alone an icon! C’mon, you know that eye contact thing was a joke.

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