10 Things You Don’t Know About…Edie Parker’s Brett Heyman

by Sydney Sadick

You see her clutches all over the red carpet and on fashion darlings across the country. Now, Brett Heyman—the brains behind Edie Parker—gets personal and brings us into her life, pre-handbag empire. 

  1. I interned at ELLE: It was after my freshman year at college, and I interned for Gilles Bensimon and Nina Garcia. After that experience,the only career I contemplated was in fashion.
  2. I grew up in Los Angeles: Every weekend I would go to Melrose and look for cool vintage bags, clothes, and jewelry. I started collecting acrylic clutches when I was 15. When I launched Edie Parker in 2010, I had over 100 vintage bags as references.
  3. I won a pottery award: …It was at summer camp.
  4. I won many silly awards in high school: Among them: best driver, most attitude, and biggest ditcher.
  5. My Pandora stations are eclectic: Depending on my mood, my favorite Pandora Stations are Kriss Kross, Neil Young, Milli Vanilli, and Alanis Morisette.
  6. I love a manicure: But, I don’t care for wearing nail polish. My nails are hardly ever painted, which really seems to irritate some of my Instagram followers.
  7. A German doctor recently took my blood and spun it into a face cream: Frankly, my skin looks pretty good.
  8. I love going out to dinner: Although my favorite evenings are spent at home with my husband over a cheese plate and a little too much vodka.
  9. Edie Parker is named after: My 7-year-old daughter.
  10. I collect big coffee table books: I used spillover from my apartment to decorate the Edie Parker flagship store.

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