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Sergio Says! Musings From Cosmo (and Beyond…)

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Cosmopolitan editrix Joanna Coles is out on vacay, but lest you worry he’s bored and gallivanting in her absence, JoCo’s assistant extraordinaire, Sergio Kletnoy, has been busy dealing with a stressed-out back. Aww! At least there were also some awesome tunes, a JT concert, and a chill sesh with Little Boots…

You know what they say: when the cat is away, the mouse will play. THE BOSS is on a business trip in Milano and I took off from work to sleep longer and play louder. Well, not so much play, but rest up and see a chiropractor for this aching back that made me feel like a 90-year-old man for the last few weeks. Surely the slouching in front of the computer, late nights at concerts, and my all-over-the-place sleeping habits have nothing to do with my little problem. Be a dear and send flowers and get-well gifts to the Cosmo office next week; I could use a little cheer-me-up!

Pain or no pain, I still managed to see Justin Timberlake at Roseland, although I only lasted one hour due to the most uncool crowd I’ve ever been in a room with. They sang completely off key in unison and danced with no rhythm, definitely to the beats of their own drums. I just know one thing: whichever planet that crowd came from, I  don’t ever want to visit again. I also got to hang out with Victoria Christina Hesketh, known to the world by her stage name Little Boots. Boots is a English (duh!) singer-songwriter, DJ, and musician. On her glorious sophomore album “Nocturnes,” she collaborated with hipster-gods Simian Mobile Disco and Hercules and Love Affair, plus paid homage to ’70s disco and ’90s house. It’s truly a must-have for any lovers of better-than-ice-cream-almost-as-good-as-sex pop music. I’ll be back and better than ever next week, until then follow me on Twitter at @SergioKletnoy and check out my fave new tunes I’m obsessed with right now: 

“Live It Up
 by Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull 
 by Mariah Carey and Miguel
“One Foot
” by fun.
“The Next Day
 by David Bowie
 by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
” by Imagine Dragons
“Master Hunter
 by Laura Marling 
 by Rebecca and Fiona  

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