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Dita Von Teese On Going Stylist-Free!

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Dita Von Teese and her trademark pinup circa 2013 look took in the Carolina Herrera show, and took a sec to chat with us about Mrs. Herrera and life sans a stylist. 

You look lovely in Carolina Herrera. Did you go to the show?
I did. I loved it! I actually met Carolina and her husband and her daughter at the photo shoot for the Best Dressed List and I saw all of the clothes on the racks and I said, “Why am I not wearing Carolina Herrera?”

We’re surprised you haven’t worn her before!
Well I don’t have a stylist and I choose my own clothes. I get a little bit shy sometimes about asking people if they want to dress me.

Do you have an assistant who helps with your wardrobe?
I have an assistant who does paperwork and helps me take care of my cat. She’s not a fashion person.

What’s next for you?
My show, which runs September 30 through October 4 at Gramercy Hall.



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