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Custom Capri Kicks

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WHAT: Handcrafted Capritouch Sandal

WHY: With the massive array of airy summer sandals to peruse, somehow it’s still possible to have a hard time seeking out a near-perfect pair. But what if you could design your kicks, down to the hue of the leather and the color of the sparkling adornment? That would solve many a fashion mystery. Alors, it’s no longer some far-fetched idea. Nestled next to the designer shoe section at Bloomingdale’s is the Capritouch DIY station, staffed by cobblers sent over from Capri, where you can design your shoes and walk out with them, too. See, dreams do come true!

AVAILABLE: Bloomingdales 59th St, Shoe Salon. Call for more information: 212-705-2337

1 Comment

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