A Moment With…H&M’s New It Girl, Florrie

by Zachary Weiss

H&M has tapped Florrie to head up its latest installment of H&M Loves Music. She’ll be the face of the boho-inspired collection, which will hit select stores and online beginning January 22ndThe Daily caught up with the songstress to get the details on her new gig…

Why do you think you clicked with H&M?
H&M were looking for an artist to front their long-running H&M Loves Music campaign, and I’m really pleased they picked me! It’s been a brilliant experience working with them, and I love that the campaign is focused around music. I’ve been shopping there since I was at school in Bristol. Me and my friends used to spend ages in H&M trying on lots of different outfits and then picking our favorite. We still do it now, actually!

What are some of your style staples?
I’m a bit obsessed with stripe-y jumpers; I’ve got about eight so far. I wear them with jeans and Converse when I’m at the studio, as I like being comfortable when I’m working. On stage, I like to wear chunky heels so I can move around. Leather trousers are good on stage, too.

Which designers do you love?
I think Miuccia Prada is amazing. I’m always excited to see what she will do next, every season is a new surprise, she always does the unexpected. I love all her shoes and handbags. I also really like Marc Jacobs. 

You’re a self-taught musician: what motivated you?
I first started drumming when I was 7 years old.  I’d been on holiday to Greece with my parents and got obsessed after seeing a drummer play in a band in a restaurant we went to. I nagged my parents for some drums after the holiday, and they gave in eventually! My love of drumming has just grown since then. It’s something I’ve always loved doing; it’s never been a chore. My dad taught me how to play guitar and I love that, too, but drums are my first love.

What are some other fun projects you have coming up on the music front?
My single “Too Young To Remember” is coming out on March 8th, so I’m very excited about that. And I’ve got a gig in London at The Borderline on March 29th. I love playing live and meeting fans at gigs!

Will we see you at New York Fashion Week?
I’ve been to Fashion shows in London, Paris, and Milan, but never in New York. I’d love to go!

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