7 Swank Made In Italy Accessories Brands To Add To Cart!

by Julia Oakes

As we continue treading along into the thick of fashion week calendars (and snow!), we can’t help but dream of out-of-office sabbaticals where the work stops and the fashion tops! And so, we’ve got our eyes set on Italy—specifically with 50 Made in Italy labels ready to show at COTERIE’s trade show, scheduled to return to in-person format in NYC from February 27 – March 1. Next up: accessories ready to gussy-up any of your pared-back basics! 


ADG Artigiano del Guanto

Ten decades in the making, Artigiano del Guanto is the Neapolitan leather workshop specializing in traditional, timeless, and audaciously simple gloves. Crafted by hand and sourced only from the finest of materials—from a South American carpincho to a Peruvian peccary—each bespoke leather “piece of art” enjoys a thorough vetting process before finding its way onto your hands and into your wardrobe. [Agent name: Francesco Ricciardiello; Booth number: 6038]


Rain, rain, come this way! It all started when founder Ernesta Pasotti took to her bicycle, pedaled the streets of Mantova and sold her one-of-a-kind umbrellas. Now, over 65 years later, Pasotti is still turning heads with its unparalleled selection—oh, and a little help from enameled brass handles, Swarovski crystals, and luxurious silks! [Agent name: Nicola Begotti; Booth number: 5742]


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Beba Gioielli

Handcrafted in Florence and designed to elicit a carefree joy in each wearer, jeweler Beba Gioielli’s genderless gems are made for any and evert occasion. Customers can expect eclectic detailing, three-dimensional silhouettes and a fatto in Italia con amore (“made in Italy with love”) guarantee. Amore! [Agent name: Beatrice Filippini; Booth number: 5934]


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Handmade in Italy and sold in the Hamptons (!) and select tropical islands, jewelry retailer Mela is a beach vibe and a half! With pearls, shells, and gems on deck, each design evokes a laid-back, sabbatical-ready state of mind with ease. Buon viaggio! [Agent name: Manuela Girone; Booth number: 5927]


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Bruno Carlo

At Bruno Carlo, accessories have always been a family affair. Posting a refined assortment of knitwear, gloves and hats for lei and lui, the family-run couturier operates where elegance meets classicism meets international appeal. Leather, cashmere, wool—mamma mia! [Agent name: Federica Bruno; Booth number: 6930]


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Frey Como

Giving the gift of silk since 1899 (!!), Frey Como has been dominating the scarf business for over a hundred years. How, you ask? Never confusing top-level Italian silks for their imported counterparts. Oh, and a long line of generations who believe in a quality Made-in-Italy piece—from producer to consumer and beyond. The Italian guarantee! [Agent name: Orsenigo Sara; Booth number: 5941]


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Alta Moda Belt

Translator please! This “high fashion” made-in-Italy belt label is the real deal—and has been for over 50 years. Enlisting expert hands, tasteful creativity, and, of course, an Italian state of mind, each of Alta Moda Belt‘s handcrafted pieces is manufactured with advanced production techniques and super fast prototyping. The result? A versatile, high-performing, and totally irresistible companion for your hips! [Agent name: Stefania Pellcioli; Booth number: 6140]


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