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Your First Gigs, Revealed!

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From slinging bagels at the deli to self-employed at age 16, we asked, you answered: What was your first gig, chicsters? Don’t forget to check out another fashion fave’s job of yesteryear, right here

Cindy Weber Cleary: “I worked in a Mexican import store. It had embroidered blouses, Baja hoodies, and silver jewelry.”

Billy Reid: “I was a lifeguard at a country club and a 16-year-old bartender at the same time.”

Bryanboy: “I’ve never had an employer. My first job after high school was designing websites. My first client was my mom’s friend, who was a dentist.”

Andrew Bevan: “I worked at Bagel Junction in Lakewood, Colorado. I’d spread cream cheese and cut bagels. I almost lost a finger a couple of times.”

Julie Macklowe: “I wanted to work at Taco Bell, but my parents wouldn’t let me. They sent me to summer school instead.”

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