How Technologically Savvy Are This Year’s Met Ball Attendees?

by Sydney Sadick

With this year’s Met Ball exhibition exploring fashion in an age of technology, we wondered how confident some of the celebs and designers who walked the red carpet are in their tech abilities… 

Miranda Kerr: “I’m not that savvy, but I’m actually quite good on Snapchat!”

Julie Macklowe: “My idea of Web shopping is actually pointing my phone at the computer and texting it to somebody. So I’d say not [great]!”

Tory Burch: “I’m getting better, quickly by the minute.”

Wes Gordon: “Pretty tech savvy! I have an iPhone and check my email…that’s about it.”

Casey Neistat: “I am as savvy as they come! No, I’m not that savvy.”

Derek Jeter: “Sorry to admit it, but not at all.”

Lucky Blue Smith: “I guess normal?”

La La Anthony: “Very good…too good! I use my phone to make me look great!”

Uma Thurman: “Not at all. I barely know how to hit return. But I can text.”

Dominic West: “Not very. Why, is your phone broken?”

Taylor Hill: “Very much so! It’s my generation, so I’d like to think I’m good at technology. I can’t live without my cell phone.”

Dao Yi-Cho: “I wouldn’t say over the top. We try to keep up, but things that make sense for our lives are what we do.”

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