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Heard At NYFW, Vol. 2

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Oh to be flies on the wall (aka, flitting about in the front row)…In case you missed it: the latest batch of deliciously quotable quotes!

“Hopefully, I’ll be talking about how many Grammys I’ve got.”—Rita Ora on where she’ll be in 30 years…“I love Donna! It looked good to me. The clothes and colors were beautiful—but what do I know?!”—Hugh Jackman…“Donna transformed the way working women dress. She pioneered comfort over constricting fashion. All the mothers in our neighborhood had those jersey bodysuits!”—T’s EIC Deborah Needleman…“Everybody thinks I’m a prima donna, but when they meet me, they’re pleasantly surprised.”—Victoria Beckham at a Parsons Q&A on Monday eve…I love the ’80s: the crazy side parts, super-tan skin, and hardcore rock ’n’ roll.”—Jessica Hart…“I like when it’s clean, but when it starts getting New York-y, not so much.”—Tommy Hilfiger on snow.

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