The Daily Wonders…What Do You Buy at Duane Reade?

by Eddie Roche
Christian Siriano

Christian Siriano Angela Pham/

Christian Siriano: Beer and magazines.

Christina Hendricks: Cotton pads and nail polish.

Vanity Fair’s Jessica Diehl: Cotton pads, weird nail polishes that I’m never going to use.

Actress Jaime King: Diapers. I have a newborn!

Kate Spade’s Deborah Lloyd: I just bought some really good sparkly headbands.

Dora Fung

Dora Fung  Matteo Prandoni/

Yahoo Style’s Dora Fung: Cetaphil and Cheetos. I don’t buy all the magazines, but I look at them and put them back on the shelves afterward.

Alexander Wang: I’m going to pass on that question.

InStyle’s Ariel Foxman: Crest Pro-Health mouthwash, shampoo, even though I can get as much as I want from the beauty closet, and peach gummies.

Andrew Bevan

Andrew Bevan Neil Rasmus/

Teen Vogue’s Andrew Bevan: What don’t I buy at Duane Reade? Although I’m kind of into CVS right now and cheating on Duane Reade. CVS has self-checkout, so you can buy anything without anyone judging you. But at Duane Reade I’m always buying a mix of cleaning supplies and gummy candy.

Bella Thorne: A lot of my Neutrogena products are sold there—I’m the face of the line—so it’s easy to pick them up.

Nicole Miller: Well, when it’s Halloween I buy candy for the office, and when it’s Easter, I buy candy for the office.

Jessica Hart: Anything I need, but I’m hopeless in pharmacies. I’ll go in for a lip balm and come out with 500 other things.

Sally Lapointe

Sally Lapointe Matteo Prandoni/

Sally LaPointe: I go there in the mornings, so it’s not so busy. I’m obsessed with the beauty aisle, so masks, lotions, all that stuff.

Bazaar’s Laura Brown: Everything a modern lady needs: saline solution, loo paper, lady stuff, Advil—big Advil fan—the 200 jars—et cetera. I always forget one key thing though and have to go back. When I get it all right, I feel really good about myself.

Linda Fargo: Before I go on any trip, I go there to get mini-size everything. Duane Reade has really kicked it up now. They have that high-end cosmetics section where I buy a great sunscreen by La Roche-Posay.

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