Winter Sunglasses: Fashionable or Just a Complete Waste of Time?

by The Daily Front Row

Sometime ago, and it’s not entirely clear when, the humble pair of sunglasses started to be considered more fashionable than functional. The wearing of them has become a style statement above everything else, but the truth is there are many actual demonstrable benefits to putting them on, beyond just looking good. Wearing them in winter has similarly become something of a statement, but again it goes beyond merely a style statement, for the most part anyway. For some time now the benefits of wearing sunglasses have been apparent, and well-known, but outside of the summer months many Americans push them to one side. Dumped unceremoniously when they should still be one of the few items you should never leave your house without.

There are many advantages to wearing sunglasses on the whole, all-year round, but specifically over winter there are additional reasons you might wish to do so. The following pros therefore ably prove that wearing sunglasses in the winter is most definitely not a waste of time.

Protects You from UV Rays
There’s a misunderstanding when it comes to sunglasses and indeed the sun, and the damage it can cause, and that’s in relation to the time of year. Mistakenly many of us believe the damage from UV activity is only an issue in the height of summer but in the winter this too can be a real concern.

Therefore wearing sunglasses, with the right level of UV protection, will help to protect your eyes from damage from the sun.

Protection From Other Eye Diseases
As well as protection from UV rays, a quality pair of sunglasses can offer you a defense to a number of other conditions. These can include cataracts, macular degeneration, pinguecula and pterygia.

It’s also important to wear sunglasses during the day in the summer even if it’s not super bright.  UV Damage is Far Higher in the Winter Months
One stunningly frightening statistic to bear in mind. Snow reflects as much as 85% of UV rays, meaning the resultant damage to your eyes, and indeed other areas of your exposed skin, is far higher in the winter months. Stay one step ahead of this fact by wearing sunglasses. Indeed the wearing of sunglasses helpfully protects delicate areas around your eyes that may not get the same level of attention when you apply sunscreen and of course the glasses themselves will take good care of your eyes themselves.

Helps to Prevent Snow Blindness
Many people take to the slopes during the winter, and do so while wearing sunglasses. They do so not just because it makes them look super fashionable, but also because they help to prevent snow blindness. Snow blindness occurs when UV rays are combined with specific wintry conditions that lead to sunburned eyes as well as temporary loss of vision, known by some as ‘snow blindness’.  Wearing sunglasses helps to prevent this from occurring as the tints in the eyewear help to limit your eyes exposure.

They Can Be Super Stylish
Yes, one of the benefits of wearing sunglasses in the winter is that they can be a perfect accompaniment to your outfit and will help to spruce up any seasonal wardrobe. For all the many medical benefits of wearing sunglasses with the best UV protection, one shouldn’t ignore the aesthetic bonuses of breaking out a great new pair of sunglasses. On the piste you can make a real statement in the latest eyewear fashions. Another option to consider might be transition glasses, offering lenses that are automatically adjusted from light/clear to dark. Which could come in handy on those short winter days or indeed when weather conditions switch swiftly.

Crucial Protection at Higher Altitudes
Many of us will take to the mountains in the winter and in doing so we put ourselves at even greater risk of UV damage. The rate in which the UV risk rises adds even more weight to the reasons for wearing sunglasses. UV radiation increases by 5% for every 1000 feet above sea level that you rise. Given that much of the skiing and snowboarding action takes place thousands of feet up, it doesn’t take a mathematician to work out how the risk rises severely exponentially. All of this should have you reaching, with purpose and speed, for your sunglasses!  These should be foremost among your skiing kit, up there with your skis and that lovely winter beanie hat grandma lovingly knitted for you last christmas.

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