Adriana Lima’s Future’s So Bright, She’s Gotta Wear Shades (and Design Them!)

by Charles Manning

Adriana Lima retired from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway in 2018 after a record-setting 20 years of catwalk-stomping grandeur, but that doesn’t mean her career is slowing down. Not by a long shot. It’s just changing, expanding to take advantage of new opportunities and provide Lima with a chance to express herself in ways she never could before. Case in point, her new eyewear collaboration with Privé Revaux, which launches Friday, February 14.

Adriana Lima for Prive Revaux

When did you first encounter Privé Revaux?
The first time was about three years ago. I was walking by their popup in the Aventura Mall in Miami and I saw their sunglasses and I thought how expensive and stylish they looked. There were four that I liked and when they told me the price I was like, “Whoa!” They really looked expensive, but the prices were incredible so I got all four.

How did the collaboration come about?
Someone introduced me to one of the owners. He suggested we do a line together and I told him that I actually had been using the glasses and I loved them.

How long did you work on the collection?
We started working a year ago. My children actually helped me choose the colors and designs. We’re launching with four different styles. There’s a modern contemporary style named Love Valentina and that’s named after my oldest daughter. She helped me create that one and choose the colors.

We also have the Love Sienna. She is my youngest daughter. She helped me pick the colors and the shape for that particular style. The Sienna is a more of a hybrid aviator.

Adriana Lima for Prive Revaux wearing Love Sienna

Then we have the Panther. That was one that I did myself and was my favorite because I love aviators. They are iconic, timeless and can be worn anytime. I chose that name is because it is my nickname: the Panther.

How did you get that nickname?
It happened after I started modeling. I think it’s because of the combination of my eyes and my dark hair.

What about the fourth pair? Who are those named after?
The last style is called The Julia. That’s my grandmother’s name. She is 100 years old and she is still alive. She’s still good and healthy. Those ones are oversized and they have a slight cat-eye shape. They are anti-blue light but, if you want to, you can make them prescription glasses. I actually use prescription glasses.

Adriana Lima for Prive Revaux wearing the Julia

How strong is your prescription?
Last year, it was terrible. I had my check-up and it was -3.25 and then when I went back this year it was back to -2. I don’t know how that’s possible. I think it’s stress-related. My doctor told me that. I’m definitely less stressed [this year].

Why are you less stressed?
Maybe because I’m single!

I’m joking! I’m joking!

You’ve certainly been busy lately. I feel like I see you everywhere these days and you had that whole collaboration with Puma…
Yeah, I’m very happy with how things are going. I’m really focusing design and collaborations right now. Over the years, everyone always asks me, “What are your favorite workout clothes?” So now I have the chance to show them — the styles, the colors. Sunglasses too, because, you know, I wear sunglasses all the time — even on the red carpet — so now, I have the chance to share my favorite colors and styles of sunglasses too.

Adriana Lima for Prive Revaux

And there is more to come! I plan to have my own lingerie line. It’s not that near, but it’s something I have my focus on. And then there’s my new skincare line — facial creams, masks, perfume, maybe candles, eventually. Things like that.

That’s great!
I’m keeping my modeling career, too, though. I just did the Max Mara campaign, which was shot by Steven Meisel. And [my cover of] Vogue Japan just came out, shot by Luigi and Iango.

Those pictures are amazing!
I have a few more things coming out with Luigi and Iango, but I’m not allowed to say yet.

You left The Society and moved over to CAA (Creative Arts Agency) fairly recently too, right?
CAA and GBG, which is part of CAA and handles partnerships and collaborations. I’m so happy. It’s a great team and they are my new family. And I’m really involved with everything we do — from partnerships to editorials, everything comes from me and then they execute my ideas.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been just over a year since you walked in your last Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Were you already planning these big career shifts back then?
Long before that! Probably about five years before.

The VS show got cancelled after you retired. Do you think it would have been difficult for you to watch it go on without you?
Not at all! I think I would like to see one of my daughters walking in it.

Do they want to be models?
One of them. That’s what she told me. So [if that happens] I’ll be there!

Adriana Lima for Prive Revaux

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