Just Human Is Redefining the Luxury Sunglass Space

by The Daily Front Row

Written by Madison Nagle

The hottest summer shades just got hotter. Say hello to Just Human, a unisex sunglasses brand founded on a principle, not a product. This environmentally responsible brand is paving the way for sustainable fashion by making it feel chic and luxurious, and quickly gaining the likes of industry leaders.

Gone are the days of fashion without a cause. As businesses seek opportunities to engage in meaningful conversations that will transcend to conscious consumerism, fashion has recently found a new purpose in sustainability. Just Human, who believes the future of fashion is based in functional and sustainable design, offers four designs made from reforested softwood trees, sand and minerals and they didn’t stop there. Their case is made from pineapple leaf fibers and their cleaning cloth from recycled water bottles.

Sunglasses may be a small accessory, but when it comes to companies like Just Human, they have a large impact. Fashion plays a key role in innovating and initiating change and the mission behind Just Human is spread with every pair sold. On top of using recycled material to create the product, Just Human donates 1% of profits towards helping clean up the Earth, making it a safer and healthier place for all humans to live.

It’s no shock that today’s biggest icons in blogging and modeling are choosing to sport sustainable brands. Just Human partners, Frida Aasen and Natalie Suarez, both value living sustainable and healthy lifestyles, and that extends to the brands they partner with and wear.

“I try to be conscious of the brands I buy and not to spend too much on ‘fast fashion.’ I love the fact that Just Human sunglasses give part of their proceeds to a good cause and that they are unisex. This is important in 2019 and more brands should follow suit,” Aasen said.

After breaking out as a Victoria’s Secret model, Aasen has chosen to use her platform to promote her philanthropic endeavors and help others. Following in the footsteps of supermodels Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell, who have made an impact outside of modeling industry, she recently raised money for an orphanage in Tanzania.

Like Aasen, Natalie Suarez has created a personal brand and platform that she hopes will inspire others. As a model, singer, and editor of Natalie Off Duty, Suarez believes women can do it all — and why stop at saving the planet?

“Just like how I value quality time with those that are important to me, I really value high quality products like Just Human sunglasses. I value how things are made [and] where they’re made. I want to know the story and detail behind everything I wear, because that’s what holds a special place in my heart. Having that connection. Just Human values quality production, and ethically made products. That makes me happy to wear them and support them,“ Suarez said.

Just Human recently launched showrooms and you can find them IRL at Naked Retail at 224 Mulberry St. in Nolita, NY, Atelier & Repairs at 710 Edinburgh Ave., Los Angeles, CA, Re:store at 120 Maiden Ln. San Francisco, and Leone Napoli at 686 St Clair Ave. W. Toronto.

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