Where Would You Jet Off to with Karl?

by Paige Reddinger

In honor of Chanel Airlines, we asked some of Karl’s favorite ladies where they would love to vacay (avec Kaiser). We especially like Harley Viera-Newton’s idea…

“Somewhere hot and exotic!” –Tabitha Simmons

“Anywhere! I mean, I’ve traveled around with him to a couple of places and we’ve done videos together. I’m the face of the new Lagerfeld campaign and we were shooting over the summer. It’s always really fun. Choupette has incredible travel accessories!” –Leigh Lezark

“I would take him to Brazil, because I feel like he would do something really cool there.” –Harley Viera-Newton

“I would ask him where his favorite place in the world is and go there and experience that with him. I love going places with people where it’s their thing and see what they like to do there. I love being in his shows. It’s like being in a play. I can be something other than a model for once.” –Charlotte Free

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